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Take your yoga practice to the next level with our dharma yoga wheel.  Elevate your yoga practice, improve backbends, master inversions, and explore a variety of fun and exciting dharma yoga poses never done before on the mat. 

Our 13 inch yoga wheel is perfect for stretching and improving flexibility faster than ever before. Achieve deep stretches to open up your back, hips, shoulders, and chest in ways you didn’t realize could be so fun.

Reduce back pain while rolling and stretching out your.  Unlock those tight muscles in your upper, middle, and lower back. Our spine roller is much more effective than a foam roller and many customers claim relief in just minutes!

With a whopping 650 lb weight capacity and a lifetime warranty, our product is undoubtedly the strongest and most durable yoga wheel on the planet.  Perfect for both beginners and advanced yogis!

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