Using The Yoga Wheel For Relieving Back Pain and Stretching The Spine

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The yoga wheel is relatively new to hit the yoga market, but it has become more than just a fun yoga prop to help improve your flexibility and balance. Recently is has made a name for itself for suffers from back pain. It makes a lot of sense providing that the yoga wheel is designed to lengthen and stretch the spine, back, leg muscles, and open up joints like the hips and shoulder. Of course, you should consult your healthcare provider before starting any new physical activity.

Yoga has always been known for the ability to gaining flexibility through stretching and movement.  If you have ever taken a yoga class, you probably walked in feeling tense and tight and left feeling relaxed and stretched out. Its benefits range from the body to the mind and anywhere in between.

The yoga wheel has now become popular for its back pain relief benefits, along with its benefits for yogis. More and more users of the yoga wheel seem to buy it for its pain-relieving benefits, in particular, sometimes even more than yogis are buying it for their yoga practice. Either way, it’s a double-edged sword of amazing benefits for its users.

The 13-inch length of the yoga wheel is perfect for a deep supportive stretch under your back. While the 5 inch in diameter is just the right size to fit comfortably between the shoulder blades, as it targets the muscles that run right along the entire length of the spine for a deep tissue massage.


How To Roll Out The Spine and Relieve Back Pain:

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The simple but effective way to roll out and stretch your back starts with first ordering a Yoga Wheel from Nature’s Integrity. Once you have your wheel and are ready to start, find a comfortable place where you have enough space to lay down and stretch.

You can use a yoga mat if you want for added cushion underneath you. Start in a seated position with the yoga wheel behind your lower back. Safely and gently, however, feels comfortable and right for your body bring your hips up, bottoms of your feet down, and roll your back along the yoga wheel. Roll the wheel form your lower back to your upper back slowly while pushing from the bottom of your feet. Use your hands for stability on the ground if needed. Rollback and forth for 3 to 5 minutes stopping anywhere that feels good on your back for an additional stretch.


Benefits Of The Yoga Wheel:

1)    Deep Massage

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In this digital age, many of us are constantly hunched over. Whether we are looking down at our phones, working on the computer, or playing a game on our tablet, we are constantly holding our neck and backs in a compressed posture. The yoga wheel helps reverse this bad posture by stretching and opening the front of our bodies while massaging and releasing tight back muscles. It opens our chest, rib cage, shoulders, and hips while providing a deep relieving massage of the back from the cervical spine down to the lumbar spine.

For people who spend a lot of time sitting in a work chair, the yoga wheel can provide an amazing lumbar stretch. Simply by placing the wheel under the lower back and allowing your body to stretch around the wheel can be very relaxing for your body and mind.

2)    Lengthening The Spine

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Probably the biggest perk of using the yoga wheel for back pain is its ability to lengthen the spine by stretching tight back muscles and help create space between the vertebrae. This goes along with the deep massage you get while rolling your back out on the wheel. Even just rolling out your back five minutes a day can make a huge difference.  Many customers report their back pain completely going away or improving drastically after incorporating the yoga wheel back stretches into their lives.

3)    Flexibility

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The more flexible you are the easier your joints, ligaments, and tendons move freely. There are endless amounts of stretches you can do with the yoga wheel to relieve tight muscles. The most common complaints for many users are tight neck/shoulder muscles, lower back pain, and tight hips, but lower back pain normally takes the cake for the top complaint. That is why we created a list of the most beneficial yoga poses to address this common ailment.


Yoga Poses For Pain Relief:

1)    Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

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Fish Pose is a yoga backbend pose that opens up your chest, shoulders, and neck. This pose can be hard to maintain by oneself but can easily be held with the support of the yoga wheel. This pose is great to open up the front body and combating poor posture we tend to carry throughout the day. It helps to melt away tension throughout the upper body.

2)    Seated Forward Fold (Paschimottanasana)

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From the heels to the neck, seated forward fold provides a deep stretch of the back while also calming the body. By placing the yoga wheel under the ankles while in a seated position with your legs straight out in front of you (however far you can reach), the yoga wheel helps to support you during this stretch and relieve back pain.

3)    Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

camel pose


This is an all-around stretch in opening up the body and increasing flexibility. This yoga pose stretches the front body from the chest to the hips along with the abdomen, while also improves posture and strengthens the muscles of the back. This pose helps to reduce anxiety and fatigue by energizing the body and increasing the breathing capacity. Using the yoga wheel with this pose adds in extra support and increases the lengthening of the stretch to maximize its benefits.

Whether you are a yogi looking to increase your flexibility or just a person looking to relieve back pain the yoga wheel comes highly recommended by many. Learn more about the yoga wheel by shopping Nature’s Integrity Yoga Wheels.

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